On Fark today, I noticed this little bit of bullshit from the <epithet>conservative</epithet> media outlets.

Democrats fear that their party’s declining appeal with white voters, particularly white men, will bite them in 2016 despite strong performance with growing demographics.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s White Male Voter Problem

Readers, if you aren’t familiar with concern trolling, behold one of the best examples of it.  The headline should actually read something like:

Hillary Clinton’s FOX News Audience Voter Problem

I wonder who they’re trying to convince?  The National Journal’s core audience would never vote for Hillary.  She has a vagina after all.  That is strike one and even worse than being a liberal Democrat (ha, as if).  I wonder how pants-shittingly terrified the author would be if he knew just how many white males are out there who will NEVER vote for the GOP again, for any reason, ever?  I personally know scores of them.  And we’ve been teaching our children well.


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