There’s a new game in town. Perhaps you’ve heard of crowdfunding before. You may have funded something on Kickstarter, thrown some money at a GoFundMe campaign, or maybe you even helped me by contributing to a ChipIn (now defunct) request I made a long time ago. If you are unfamiliar with crowdfunding, it’s simply a way for an entity (company or individual) to raise money from complete strangers over the Internet.

Now, imagine you could combine the fundraising model of crowdfunding and the world of startup venture capitalism, whereby investors can own an equity stake in the startup.  That sounds pretty good to me!  I call this “distributed venture capitalism” and thanks to the recent rule changes made possible by Title IV of the 2012 JOBS Act, anyone can play the part of venture capitalist.  SeedInvest is a platform for this very purpose.  Entrepreneurs can register to gauge interest for their idea or if they are already operating and need to raise funds, SeedInvest will do some initial due diligence on the company before presenting them to either accredited or all investors (entrepreneur’s choice) for consideration.  Investors can then do their own further research into ideas they like and then invest as they deem appropriate.

When I was a kid, one of my career ideas was to be a stockbroker, so I have always been interested in various financial things.  Prior to June 19, 2015, only accredited investors would generally have the opportunity and means to participate in these funding events.  Being able to get in on the ground floor of startup companies is very exciting for me, indeed!  I missed out on the huge money made in the technology boom the first time around.  I’m too old and have too many dependencies to risk it all by joining a startup myself this time around.  However, I have managed to sock away a little play money for investing, so this is a perfect mix for me.

If you join up, my profile is:  Send me a message and we can talk about various investment opportunities/ideas!


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