I used to play MUDs, a lot, and so I’ve decided to try my hand at writing my own from scratch in Node.js.  I expect it to be a very simplistic implementation while I learn the finer points of writing servers.  I have a grand vision, though, of having the entirety of the MUD be contained in a Universe, which can contain Galaxies, which can contain Planets, which can contain Continents, which can contain Regions, which can contain Areas (this will be basically the same thing conceptually as what you find in your standard RoM MUD), which can contain Rooms.

Whew!  A little overkill, perhaps, but this is how I’m starting it.  It would be cool to have “parallel” Universes that maybe the players can slip between where things might not be the same as their “home” Universe.  We’ll have to see how that might work much later.

I’ve got a basic “pulse” (think tick) event that the Universe emits which is handled by the Galaxies, which then send their own “pulse” to Planets, etc. all the way down to the Room.  This may change when I have a better handle on events in Node.js.  Right now, it seems I can’t listen directly for the pulse event from the Universe from anything BUT Galaxy since I’m keeping things in separate .js source files, but that may just be because I don’t know what I’m doing 🙂

This is the epitome of a side project, so there are going to be long stretches of time where nothing gets done and there are no updates, so if you think this is something you can’t wait for, I’m sorry 😉


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