So, by now you may have heard about Rush Limbaugh and the Sandra Fluke affair.  If not, find a reputable (to you) site and check it out, then come back to finish this.

Okay, so now you either think Rush Limbaugh is a brave, selfless hero for sticking it to that slut/prostitute OR you think he’s a giant asshole with no class and a potential slander suit on his hands.  Either way, let’s not lose sight of the big picture.

The GOP is currently at war with many things: themselves, the middle class, the President of the United States, liberals, Socialism, religious oppression and persecution, etc.  Now, apparently, you can add females to that list.

What Rush has done is voice the opinion of the GOP that women only want their insurance premiums to cover birth control because they are all wanton sluts and, by some magical twist of GOP-logic, the money they pay for insurance coverage out of their own pockets is actually, somehow, taxpayer money.  I’m still trying to figure that one out, but, it is the basis for Rush’s claim that Sandra Fluke is a prostitute.  If taxpayers are paying her to have sex (which is the only reason to need a birth control prescription, am I right?), then she is a prostitute.  Rush offered his own special deal to Sandra Fluke where, in exchange for his money to pay for her birth control pills so she can have more sex, he wants her to film all the sex she is having and post it on the Internet for him to see.  I’m literally not making this up.

Rush and his legion of dittoheads want to get out the message that this farce is not about denying women access to potentially lifesaving healthcare options (of course not, since you only get birth control pills to have sex, duh) but about the Obama administration forcing religious institutions to violate their moral foundations.  What they fail to tell you (or maybe they just can’t remember) is that these mandates were first put in place one month before  ex-President and, thankfully, ex-Texas Governor George Bush took office when the EEOC ruled that companies which provided prescription coverage but did not provide birth control were in violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of angst about it then.  In fact, the Bush administration did absolutely zero about this affront to freedom of religion during his 8-year reign.  I wonder, what is different now?

It’s not just Rush Limbaugh that thinks this.  Responses from the GOP dead-man-walking tour headliners was milquetoast at best.  Mitt Romney thinks the overall message was okay, but he would not have used the words “slut” and “prostitute.”  I guess everything else Rush said and asked for was a-okay.  Rick Santorum described Rush’s comments as “absurd” and pointed out that entertainers can be absurd.  Wow, way to go to bat for a citizen there, Rick.  Newt Gingrich, of course, took the opportunity to decry the fact that this was being paid any attention by the media at all.  Really, Newt?  That’s the only problem you see here?

GOP contender to the throne, Rick Santorum also had this to say about women in 1994: “We are seeing the fabric of this country fall apart, and it’s falling apart because of single moms.”  He went on to say “What we have is moms raising children in single-parent households simply breeding more criminals” and that he wasn’t afraid of “kicking them in the butt.”  There is much more, but just this one example is enough for most reasonable people.  Real compassionate conservatism kind of stuff, you know?

There’s also this fine example of a GOP state senator from Wisconsin, Glenn Grothman.  He literally wants to make it illegal to be a single mother and to have the state take your kids because of abuse and neglect.  I mean, what the fuck is wrong with this guy?

Tennessee tried to pass a law that would require trans-vaginal ultrasounds to be performed before an abortion would be provided.  Think about that for a minute.  Tennessee Republicans want to force women to have a device inserted into their vagina in order to get an abortion.  Period.  Can you say “state-sanctioned rape?”  Thankfully, enough of an uproar occurred that the Governor had to come out and say he didn’t know what trans-vaginal meant and the bill needed to be re-worked.  I personally think that’s bullshit, but, if it isn’t, I’m sorry that Tennessee elected such a fucking dumbass to the Governorship.

Many GOP-led states are currently trying to pass “personhood” laws where life would be defined at the very instant of conception.  They’re trying to do this as an end-around to legal abortions.

There are too many examples of this obscene behavior for me to keep listing.

But, listening to GOP mouthpieces, you will hear, very emphatically and with contempt of you for even suggesting such a thing, that there is not a war on women being waged by them.  If this isn’t war, I’d hate to see what they’d do if they were at war with women.


2 Responses to The GOP’s Not-War on Women

  1. BCSWowbagger says:

    “Tennessee Republicans want to force women to have a device inserted into their vagina in order to get an abortion. Period. Can you say ‘state-sanctioned rape?'”

    Umm… not sure you know how abortions work. You think vacuum aspirators and curettes work on the basis of teleportation?

    • sugardave says:

      Umm, not sure you are grasping the point. Let’s skip the disgusting part where it’s a blatant attempt at shaming the patient and that she is already steeling herself for such a procedure. You want to violate her unnecessarily before performing that legal procedure. Bravo.

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